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[Solved] Error (suppressible): (vsim-12110) All optimizations are disabled because the -novopt option is in effect…

Questasim Error(vsim-12110)

Questasim simulation optimization acceleration problem (object no signal, could not see waveform)

Makefile script:

Compilation error:


Remove -novopt, which is no longer used in modelsim after version 10.7, so as long as you do not use -novopt, no error will be reported. So how can we see the signal and see the waveform while using optimization?

Here I modify modelsim.ini

Find modelsim.ini file address

Modify VoptFlow = 1

In addition, you can replace -novopt with -voptargs= “+acc”

MySQL: Got error 139 from storage engine [How to Solve]

InnoDB restrictions

1. a table cannot contain more than 1000 columns.
2. The maximum internal key length is 3500 bytes, but MySQL itself limits this to 1024 bytes.
3. except for VARCHAR, BLOB and TEXT columns, the maximum row length is slightly less than half of the database page. That is, the maximum row length is about 8000 bytes. longBLOB and longTEXT columns must be less than 4GB, and the total row length, including BLOB and TEXT columns, must be less than 4GB. innoDB stores the first 768 bytes of VARCHAR, BLOB or TEXT columns in rows, and the rest is stored in scattered pages.
4. The default database page size in InnoDB is 16KB.

Solution 1: replace the engine


[Solved] Nacos Startup Error: [db-load-error]load jdbc.properties error

1. Check whether it is started in cluster mode

In the startup script startup.CMD, modify mode = “standalone”

2. Check database configuration

In the configuration file conf/application.Properties

It’s very annoying to remove the comments from the database configuration. Because Notepad is set to automatically wrap lines, I think the URL line is open and there are no comments, so I checked it for a long time. It’s really careless!

After these two steps are completed, it is basically OK. If another error occurs:

No DataSource set

The database is not connected!!!

To check the database connection and password, mine is mysql8, which is solved after authorizing the user.

3. Ultimate solution

If we can’t find any problems, we can also adjust the log level to debug or trace, so that the log is detailed enough and can basically locate the problems.

The log path is conf/Nacos-logback.xml

Ubuntu 20.04 connection failed activation of network connection failed

Today, I tried to run wsa (Windows subsystem for Android) with win11. I found that I had to turn on Hyper-V to run. Then I found that the virtual machine VMware could not run. So I turned off Hyper-V and finally opened the virtual machine, but the network could not be connected (NAT mode is OK, but bridge mode is not)

after searching on the Internet, I changed this and that, Still No.
I fumbled and succeeded.
here is my solution:

No, as long as you have opened Hyper-V, there will be more of these two below. The default is automatic. It will give priority to these two, so we need to cancel these two checks

OK, and then enter the Ubuntu virtual machine, It is found that the network has returned to normal.

it took an afternoon to solve it. I hope I can help my friends in the future

How to Solve IntelliJ IDEA Error: Cannot determine path to ‘tools.jar‘ library for 17 (C:\Program Files\Java\jd…

this month, Java 17 was finally released. This is another lts version after Java 11. I decided to try Java 17. Sure enough, something unexpected happened: when I used java 17 to run a project that used to run normally, IntelliJ idea reported the following error:

Operating environment when the author reports an error:

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)

JDK 17

Error:Cannot determine path to 'tools.jar' library for 17 (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17)

then, as before. The author tried to run a very simple demo project, and sure enough, the same error occurred again. The environment in which the project used to operate normally is:

The environment in which the project previously operated normally:

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)

JDK 11

the author has repeatedly installed multiple versions of Java on different operating systems, and is very familiar with this error report. This error indicates that the current IntelliJ idea cannot parse this version of JDK, so it tries to parse tools. Jar from its built-in environment variable classpath , but it still fails, so it throws the above error message.

this can be confirmed. It can be clearly seen in the project structure in the figure below that the author’s IntelliJ idea 2020.1.2 (Ultimate Edition) supports parsing JDK 14 at most, so there is nothing to do with Java 17.

Method 1

it’s easy to do when you know the reason. One way is to reduce the JDK version so that the current IntelliJ idea can recognize it.

The environment in which the project previously operated normally:

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)

JDK 11

install the lower version of JDK first, and then set it in project structure in IntelliJ idea. See the figure below. But I usually don’t like it.

Method 2

another way is to improve the version of IntelliJ idea. Therefore, the author specially downloaded and installed the latest IntelliJ idea 2021.2.2 (Ultimate Edition) . Unexpectedly and reasonably, the author encountered many holes when installing the latest IntelliJ idea. I have always wanted to stand on the shoulders of giants, but in fact, they are always used as stepping stones by giants. For the problem that IntelliJ idea cannot be opened after installation, see another blog of the author:

solve the problem that the interface disappears after IntelliJ idea is installed, and the interface does not move after it is opened again.

when I first downloaded it, I was worried that it could not parse Java 17, but now it seems that this worry is superfluous.

The environment in which the project operates normally:

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.2 (Ultimate Edition)

JDK 17

after upgrading IntelliJ idea, configure project structure as follows.