[Solved] Nacos Startup Error: [db-load-error]load jdbc.properties error

1. Check whether it is started in cluster mode

In the startup script startup.CMD, modify mode = “standalone”

2. Check database configuration

In the configuration file conf/application.Properties

It’s very annoying to remove the comments from the database configuration. Because Notepad is set to automatically wrap lines, I think the URL line is open and there are no comments, so I checked it for a long time. It’s really careless!

After these two steps are completed, it is basically OK. If another error occurs:

No DataSource set

The database is not connected!!!

To check the database connection and password, mine is mysql8, which is solved after authorizing the user.

3. Ultimate solution

If we can’t find any problems, we can also adjust the log level to debug or trace, so that the log is detailed enough and can basically locate the problems.

The log path is conf/Nacos-logback.xml

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