Syntax error, insert “Finally” to complete TryStatem in Myeclipse in Java-

I. This kind of mistake occurs:

Multiple annotations found at this line: – Syntax error, insert “Finally” to complete TryStatement – Syntax error, insert “}” to complete ArrayInitializer – Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s) – Syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens

Solution One:

It turns out there’s a “} “missing, so you can check out the JavaScript code you inserted into the JSP! There must be a brace missing somewhere!

Solution Two

JDK mismatch. If the other party’s JDK version is different from yours, or even between 1.6 and 1.7, this error is bound to occur. Just change it to your own JDK. Right-click on the item properties-& GT; The Java Build Path can be found later.

Solution 3:

If this isn’t the case, try Project-Clean. If it doesn’t, it’s probably code or something.

How to modify the JDK version used in the MyEclipse project

1. After opening, find our Java project

2. Then right click — “Build Path– > Confirgure Build Path”

3. From the interface that appears, select the “Libraries” TAB, select the “JRE System Libraries (VERSION of the JDK)”, and then click on the right “Edit… “Button

4. In the pop-up dialog, as shown below, select the version of the JDK that you want to modify, and click the “Finish” button

5. Return to the interface for modifying the JDK version, then select “Java Compiler” in the left menu, and select the version that matches the JDK version

6. The last step is critical; be sure to check (search Java Compiler)

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