Stm32cube ide installation – NSIS error problem

Stm32cubeide is a tool officially launched by st for developing STM32. In fact, it integrates stm32cubemx and truestudio. For the development of STM32, this tool should become the mainstream in the future. This paper summarizes the problems encountered in installing this software to prevent similar problems in the future.

First attach the download connection to the official website, which is completely free. It is recommended to download from the official website. com/en/products/development-tools/software-development-tools/stm32-software-development-tools/stm32-ides/stm32cubeide.html?dl=dX5H5iG6jaTdAbPTEwejXA%3D%3D%2CrTf%2FR%2FW0bw3TdsE5geyarS%2Bx46lDPNXJJ%2FwoQwC2jvAqsWaJAv4gTkLJ4qSDWl0VdOI6vqvYjbxZpaN5e3OGR4Nu8KAJpfygznI%2FHtVJGBQ19G8mXVbW5rm9Y4ddBLs0dgsZ0plnr1i7c1v8BK7cFCIgEizW94LWN7PbjdeZgvyhhTJAibSp0V 5JbQ4Y9YAB8jXDKk0p77IW5172NlLbNRukH3uiA0oN%2FJ%2FXrRBHUNhifSJSL3q%2BTlfvAwIo1dQ8%2FlroraTNMB9f%2FeoHtreO5%2B76F7JZ22ct09VvzYrS5012d2J7R1KF0QJyZPMo1pVG9DAkfYduAj%2F8Kk%2FCCwOlh8vod3OfZ09kBaIbbTsXqvUzXuDgjZY3uvBFtlVpQ4d6wrPl3y8VwmHnS%2B6cLumUqqOOg75YeolR3ib%2F0PVDJvBIBLONtOLYQaOFojeuVoOw& uid=iNttJlvTrIR013Z64dbS0PWuF3wDZMRC#get-software

After downloading, be sure to decompress the compressed file into the file path of the standard ascall character set, otherwise you will encounter the following NSIS error problem

However, a lot of solutions have been found on the Internet:

    rename or relocate the installation files from the command prompt installer, re download programs, remove viruses and malware, update your Windows, turn off windows firewall, check your hard drive for errors, check your system language

    However, it doesn’t make any difference….

    Finally, I found that the most essential problem is that the installation package folder contains non ascall characters, which can be modified.

      In addition, a tutorial on the use of cube IDE is attached kun/article/details/95935283

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