[Solved] /var/tmp/rpm-tmp. The tmp file cannot be found when the installation fails

When installing the package generated by rpmbuild, the following error occurred:

/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.YiDXeN: line 374: syntax error: unexpected end of file



Write a shell script:

#!/ bin/bash

while [ 1 -eq 1 ]
cat -n /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.*

Then execute./Sh_ test.sh

Another window starts the installation, and you can see in the front window where the error stopped.

If/var/TMP/rpm-tmp.6ljgwm: Line 374: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Generally, if and fi are not paired. You can use Notepad + + statistics to see if   Don’t count elif

Or use Notepad to open the spec script, highlight if and see the pairing.

have not closed a control structure such as a missing  fi   with an  if, or a missing  done   with a  for.

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