(Solved) pytorch error: RuntimeError: cuDNN error: CUDNN_STATUS_EXECUTION_FAILED (install cuda)

Reason: Pytorch and CUDA versions are not right
(It is also possible that there is not enough memory space, you can change the virtual space size)
Uninstall Pytorch: Conda Uninstall Pytorch, and if you install CUDA, it will automatically override the CUDA version.
Open CMD and type from the command line

import torch

Similar errors occur if the cudA version is not installed with the torch version.

Here’s how to install CUDA:
1. Open the NVIDIA control panel to view the CUDA version supported by the current video card driver:

2. Download CUDA address
Or offline installation package download required in https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/anaconda/cloud/pytorch/linux-64/. Tar..bz2
Background Conda Install XXXX.. tar.bz2
Install after installation is complete

First anaconda Conda switches to the domestic source

conda config --add channels https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/anaconda/pkgs/free/
conda config --add channels https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/anaconda/cloud/conda-forge 
conda config --add channels https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/anaconda/cloud/msys2/

conda config --set show_channel_urls yes

Conda Install Pytorch Torchvision Cudatoolkit =10.0
Install other packages
Pytorch official website: Pytorch official website

Download according to the actual situation:

3. After successful download, double-click the exe file to install.
The verification method for successful installation is to enter nvcc-v under CMD

The installation was successful. You can see in system variables:

Or you can see nvCC.exe under the installation path

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