Pytorch RuntimeError CuDNN error CUDNN_STATUS_SUCCESS (How to Fix)

When I used RNN in Pytorch and sent it to the GPU for computation, there was:
Before the error appeared, my environment was:
OS: Ubuntu 16.0.4
GPU: NVIDIA GForce RTX 2080 (view GPU and driver information can be used command: nvidia-smi)
CUDA: cuda9.0
cudnn: 7.x for cuda9.0
Look up the solution on the Internet, in fact, encountered this kind of problem is very simple, is
1. Update cuda and cudnn
change your cuda and cudnn to 9.2 or 10.0 or above the lowest version of cuda supported by your GPU;
2. Update pytorch and torchvision versions
remember, after updating cuda and cudnn, be sure to update pytorch to a version suitable for your cuda, such as torch0.4.1 for cuda9.2.
After the above 2 steps, you can basically solve this problem. The reference method is as follows:

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