[Solved] mmdetection Error: ImportError: /home/user/repos/mmdetection/mmdet/ops/dcn/deform_conv_cuda.cpython-37m-x

Environment configuration: torch 1.11.0 + CUDA 11.3 (latest)

Use mmdetection to infer:

from mmdet.apis import init_detector, inference_detector

Errors are reported as follows:

ImportError: /home/user/repos/mmdetection/mmdet/ops/dcn/deform_conv_cuda.cpython-37m-x86_64-linux-gnu.so: undefined symbol: _ZN6caffe26detail37_typeMetaDataInstance_preallocated_32E


The problem has been solved. The reason for the error is that the pytorch version is too new. Although openmmlab supports the latest version, it will still cause the error.


Degrade the pytorch version to torch 1.6.0 + cu102, query the official GitHub of openmmlab, uninstall and reinstall mmcv 1.3.9, and re run the mmdetection code to solve the error.

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