[Solved] minio Failed to Upload File Error: The difference between the request time and the server‘s time is too large.

Problem Description:

Minio upload failed. The background controller reports an error. The error information is as follows:

The difference between the request time and the server's time is too large.

Cause analysis:

The system time zone is inconsistent with the hardware time zone


Note: when uploading files, you need to adjust the time of Linux server to be consistent with that of windows!

Step 1: install NTP service

yum -y install ntp

Step 2: start the startup service

systemctl enable ntp

Step 3: start the service

systemctl start ntpq

Step 4: change the time zone

timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Shanghai

Step 5: enable NTP synchronization

timedatectl set-ntp yes

Step 6: synchronize time

ntpq -p

Finally, you can try to enter the command} on the console to check whether it is consistent with the windows system time


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