[Solved] Jupyter Notebook Error: IOPub data rate exceeded

When writing code with jupyter notebook, there is no output result in print, as shown in the following figure

Don’t panic. This is not a code error, but the IOPub data rate is limited, that is, jupyter limits the output


1. CMD open the command line window and enter: jupyter notebook –generate-config (there is a space after the notebook)

If this happens, enter jupyter notebook –generate-config in Anaconda Prompt instead

2. The configuration file path of jupyter appears. Don’t enter it. Just find jupyter_notebook_config.py file according to this path.

3. Open the file with Notepad or python, open the search window with Ctrl + F, and enter iopub_data_rate_limit.

Find a specific line, uncomment, and add many 0

4. Restart the Jupiter notebook and the display is normal

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