[Solved] HBase shell command Error: ERROR: connection closed

Problem description

During the big data storage experiment, an error is reported with the shell command of HBase. Connection closed

check the log and find that the error reporting service does not exist

Final solution

After a lot of troubleshooting, I finally found that it was a problem with the JDK version. I used version java-17.0.1 is too high. Finally, it was changed to jdk-8u331-linux-x64.tar.gz is solved

My versions are

hadoop 3.2. 2
hbase 2.3. 6
java 1.8. 0

The matching table of Hadoop, HBase and Java is attached

Solution steps

1 empty the temporary files of Hadoop

Close HBase and Hadoop processes first


View HDFS site XML

delete all the files in the two folders (the same is true for the name folder)

Re perform Hadoop formatting

2 change java to the specified version (don’t forget to change the Java folder name in the environment variable)

I use 1.8 0_ three hundred and thirty-one

java -version

3 restart the computer and start SSH, Hadoop and HBase

service ssh start

4. Enter HBase shell and find it successful

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