Hbase Error: Regions In Transition [How to Solve]

1.Problem Analysis
Region Split is executed when the system is down or the Region file in HDFS has been deleted.
The status of Region is tracked by master, including the following status.

State Description
Offline Region is offline
Pending Open A request to open the region was sent to the server
Opening The server has started opening the region
Open The region is open and is fully operational
Pending Close A request to close the region has been sent to the server
Closing The server has started closing the region
Closed The region is closed
Splitting The server started splitting the region
Split The region has been split by the serve

Region migration (transition) between these states can be triggered either by the master or by the region server.
2. Solutions
2.1 Use hbase hbck to find out which Region has Error
2.2 Remove the failed Region using the following command
deleteall “hbase:meta”,”TestTable,00000000000000000005850000,1588444012555.89e1c07384a56c77761e490ae3f34a8d.”
2.3  restart hbase

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