[Solved] GBase 8a MPP Database Loading Error: Unsupported version

field loading failed with error:

[ERROR 2018-07-03 14:32:21.612 c.z.u.c.p.l.DataLoadingService:122 pool-16-thread-1] (GBA-01EX-700) Gbase general error: Task 780837 failed, to query in gnode:DETAIL: (GBA-01EX-700) Gbase general error:
(gns_host: Unsupported version (not an attribute), or file does not exist: ./pm/metadata/a_l_cell_mm_stat_n4.GED/C00045.ctl.S


There are a large number of ctl.S files in the metadata section of this node. It is confirmed that ctl.S is a temporary file during the disk write operation, which will be cleaned up after the write operation is completed, and the residual ctl.S can be regarded as dirty data and needs to be deleted manually.
After deleting the ctl.S file, it loads normally.

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