[Solved] CONDA ENV create and run Error: F environment.yml under win10

The error report description corresponds to the solution according to the serial number. Since everyone has different luck and problems when installing the software, read it as needed. (of course, I stumbled all the way, so friends who installed for the first time still suggest reading the error report description first, and then read it as needed)

Error reporting description

    1. the CMD console constantly displays the following warning information

    1. can’t find the version of Matplotlib = = 2.2.2 (if the corresponding version number of other packages can’t be found, it can also be handled as this) failed to build panda numpy


      1. the PIP command may be omitted in the environment.yml file. Just add the PIP command in the corresponding position of the file (the content indicated by the red arrow in the figure below)

      1. delete the following version number (as shown by the red arrow)

      1. failed to build panda numpy


      1. to be honest, in this environment, I ignored the error report, I found that it doesn’t seem to affect my subsequent operation. For example, I can open the gluon environment and open jupyter notepad in the gluon environment. (if there is any subsequent impact, I will continue to solve it and update the content)

Reference link:

        1. after installing miniconda3, run CONDA env create – F environment.yml and report an error miniconda installs numpy but Python can’t import it

Add a little knowledge. The command to delete the gluon environment is as follows:

conda remove -n gluon --all  

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