Solve the problem of reporting errors when tsfresh downloads UCI har dataset

Problem description

Run this code`

from tsfresh.examples.har_dataset import download_har_dataset, load_har_dataset, load_har_classes

# fetch dataset from uci

Then an error is reported
connectionerror: httpsconnectionpool (host = ‘GitHub. Com’, port = 443): Max retries exceeded with URL:/maxbenchrist/human activity dataset/blob/Master/UCI% 20har% 20dataset. Zip?Raw = true (caused by newconnectionerror (‘lt; urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x0000023C7EDBDEE0>: Failed to establish a new connection: [winerror 10060] the connection attempt failed because the connecting party did not reply correctly after a period of time or the connected host did not respond. ‘)


    open link
    [ ]
    manually download the dataset, manually copy the human activity dataset master to ~/anaconda3/lib/site packages/tsfresh/examples/data/UCI har dataset, and rename it to UCI har dataset

    be careful:

    The location of the folder must be correct, otherwise an error will be reported
    location: ~/anaconda3/lib/site packages/tsfresh/examples/data/UCI har dataset/UCI har dataset

    Then you can load the data correctly!!!!!!

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