Solution to the problem of “undefined external error” after registering PBX of microsip

These days idle egg pain, the Win10 upgrade, upgrade after everything seems to be used as usual.
During a MicroSIP soft phone test of dot star PBX(DotAsterisk) call, it was found that once dialed, an “undefined External error” would pop up. The screenshot of the error is shown below.

When Windows 10 was updated to 1803, access to sensitive and private devices (microphones) was restricted. However, the MicroSIP error message is too unfriendly.
In the lower right corner [Start menu] — [Settings] — [privacy] — on the left [reference permissions], select “Microphone”, and in the right “Allow Applications to access your microphone” switch, just keep it on. The diagram below.

Once the state is on, register the Dot Star PBX(DotAsterisk) with the MicroSIP soft phone, make a dial-up call, and find that everything is fine.

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