Solution to error opening trace file: no such file or directory (2) in Android

this error may occur frequently in android projects:

error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)
combined with the Internet search and their own experience to give the following some solutions:

is usually a problem with the file androidmainfest.xml:

1. Check whether the version of android API is consistent with that of the emulator;

2, delete < USES – SDK android: minSdkVersion = “8” android: targetSdkVersion = “15”/& gt;
add & lt; USES – the permission of the android: name = “android. Permission. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”/& gt;

3. Check whether tag tags appear in pairs in XML files;

4. Check the androidmainfest.xml file for missing the corresponding activity event. activity> Or change the class name in a Java file and forget to change it back in an XML file.

if this error occurs while testing with a physical machine, try shutting down the machine before restarting it.

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