Running bat file, a flash problem

Since the Web application of the project team is almost done now, JMeter is needed to carry out corresponding stress tests on it. But something strange happened. After matching the environment variables according to the instructions, I clicked on the jmeter.bat file and got a flash of results. Then find various reasons, and finally a successful solution.
In fact, the reason for the problem is very simple, that is, there is a problem with the CMD encoding, which leads to the inability to read the BAT file, thus appearing the phenomenon of flash. Jmeter. bat can be successfully executed by changing the CMD code to GBK through CHCP 936.
From the individual to the general view, if you find a software configuration is fine, but the CMD execution of the corresponding command is not getting any results, then there is a very good chance that there is a CMD coding problem, so you can use it as a breakthrough problem.

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