Remote: http basic: access denied, fatal: authentication failed for error resolution: wrong password

encountered a problem with git denied, fatal: remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied, fatal: Authentication failed for.

searches for a number of solutions that don’t work, including deleting credentials and retyping the git account name password.

later, I tried to log in git with the git password I filled in when I clone git, but the result gave an error, saying that the password was incorrect.

then I analyzed and found that the git drop code gave an error, because when I was creating git, I did not notice that the capital lock was opened. The password I entered was A123456, but I thought it was A123456. Then when logging into git account, I chose “remember account name and password” and did not enter it manually. Then, the Git password I entered when Git Clone pulled the code was a123456.

this caused me to fail to pull the code, and I never found the problem. The question puzzled me for two days. (I only noticed this when I had a brainwave and chose to enter my password manually to log into Git accounts.)

therefore, if all other possibilities have been ruled out, check your git account and password to see if they are correct.

, I hope that helps you.

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