Record a problem of no module named ‘tensorflow. Examples’ and’ tensorflow. Examples. Tutorials’ in tensorflow 2.0

1: No module named ‘tensorflow. Examples’
I downloaded tensorflow directly from the Internet, which is version 2.5. The path to add examples is in C:// program data/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow/lib/site packages/tensorflow, which is similar to that on the Internet_ In the core folder, there is no such folder in version 2.5, so all the next operations are performed in site package/tensorflow.

First of all, you have to go to the official website of tensorflow( )Download the examples folder and copy it to the site package/tensorflow folder mentioned above. If you continue to run your code, there will be a problem of no module named ‘tensorflow. Examples. Tutorials’.

2: No module named ‘tensorflow. Examples. Tutorials’
in the site package/tensorflow folder, click the examples file you just copied in (I believe you have downloaded many tutorials files on the Internet, just copy them in directly), and then the code can run

Note: if you have not downloaded to the tutorials file, you can go to the official website of tensorflow, and then adjust the version to the version before 2.40, you will find the tutorials file in the examples folder (this method has not been tested, if it is feasible after the test, you can leave a message in the comments area, thank you).

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