Pytorch directly creates a tensor on the GPU error [How to Solve]

Pytoch directly creates tensors on the GPU and reports an error: Legacy constructor expectations device type: cpubut device type: CUDA was passed

General tensor creation method:


However, by default, the tensor is placed in the CPU (memory). If we want to use the GPU to train the model, we must also copy the tensor to the GPU, which will obviously save time
I’ve seen other articles before saying that tensors can be created directly on the GPU, so I’ve also made a try:

x = torch.LongTensor(x, device=MyDevice)

An error is reported when running the program:

legacy constructor expects device type: cpu but device type: cuda was passed

According to the error report analysis, the problem is that the device parameter cannot be passed ‘CUDA’?After checking, I found that the official answer given by pytorch is that tensor class is a subclass of tensor and cannot pass parameters to its device. There is no problem using the tensor class to build
⭐ Therefore, the code is changed as follows:

MyDevice = torch.device('cuda:0')
x = torch.tensor(x, device=MyDevice)
x = x.long()

Now, there will be no more errors.

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