Python problem: indenta tionError:expected an Error resolution of indented block

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Python is a very sensitive language for indentation, causing confusion for beginners and even experienced Python programmers, who can fall into the trap. The most common situation is that mixing tabs and Spaces causes errors, or indenting incorrectly, which is impossible to distinguish with the naked eye.
This fault occurs on compile IndentationError: expected an indented block here need to indent, you as long as there is an error in the line, press the space or Tab (but you can’t mix) key indentation.
Often some people will question: I did not indent how or wrong, wrong, the place where the indent should be indent, not indent will be wrong, such as:
(space) XXXXX
(space) XXXXX
There are
(space) XXXXX
The next line of a sentence with a colon is often indented

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