Python Import Error: SystemError: Parent module ‘‘ not loaded, cannot perform relative import

System error: parent module “not loaded, can not perform relative import when importing Python package

When using flash for web development, the structure of the project is reset as follows:
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when running the project again, the system error: parent module “not loaded, cannot perform relative import will appear. Through the error location, it is found that the problem is caused by the packet guidance.

from .app import create_ app

The “parent module” is not loaded and cannot be imported. Why is there such a problem
by viewing the project structure, use

from web_ import create_ app

At this time, there are more package guiding problems
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first locate yourself in and delete the package guiding statement

from .models import Users

Then, use the local guide
from web_ Flash. App. Models import users
User = users (1 ‘sun’)
so far, the problem has been solved
or you can add the corresponding Python path with sys.path.append
to solve the problem———————

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