Prompt IPA processing failed when exporting IOS adhoc

Prompt IPA processing failed when IOS adhoc

View the log of standard to view errors

View standard’s log

The log contains a large string of simulator information, so directly search the x86 keyword, and then check which framework is included, and then CD go in. Remember to enter the framework and remove i386 and x86_ 64

lipo -info xxxx

Remove command:

lipo -remove i386 xxxx -o xxxx
lipo -remove x86_64 xxxx -o xxxx

View errors

Before, I was misled by the Internet. I had to search all the "x86" keywords, and then search out Ruby (universal. X86_64) , thinking about viewing or updating with lipo , which wasted a lot of time and failed… Finally, homebrew

is also updated

Finally, I tried to search error , and found that framework was included in bundle of tent , and finally it was OK to remove it
IPA processing failed will be prompted when IOS ad hoc , the framework in tencetopen is attached with x86 , after removal, you can check the keywords of failed or error in your log.

Mon 08








Tue 09

Remove all SDK schemas

Update relevant environment

IOS tasks

IOS diagram functionality to mermaid

Follow up interest can be focused on the following column or official account number [Python2048].

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