Pits encountered during installation of vs2017

In the VS official website to download the installation package, the results repeatedly download resources, the installation progress bar has not been moving, reinstall, copy a variety of methods have tried, still not……
Later, I noticed that the download needed to be verified after completion, and I felt that there was an error during the verification, so I downloaded it. The following is the solution
1. Run the command line and type the command gpedit.msc
2. Open the Local Group Policy Editor and find Windows Settings
3. Open Windows Settings and find Security Settings ->; The local policy
4, find the security option – system secret ->; Use FIPS compatible algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signature – set to disable
5. Right-click on the property and set it to Disable
6, then click the VS2017 installation package again will not prompt the signature failed, you can install

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