org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unsupported encoding:

org.apache.jasper .JasperException: Unsupported encoding: 

org.apache.jasper . compiler.DefaultErrorHandler.jspError ( )

org.apache.jasper . compiler.ErrorDispatcher.dispatch ( )

org.apache.jasper . compiler.ErrorDispatcher.jspError ( )

org.apache.jasper . compiler.JspUtil.getReader ( )

org.apache.jasper . compiler.ParserController.doParse ( )

The reason for throwing this exception is that there is a problem in the encoding settings of the JSP page

<%@ page language=”java” import=” java.util .*” pageEncoding=””%>

Here, the value of pageencoding is empty, which cannot be recognized by the server. Even if there is one more space, the server will not recognize it.

& lt;% @ page contenttype = “text/HTML; charset = GB2312″% & gt; the charset here has an extra space, so this exception should be thrown.

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