No such file or directory

No such file or directory can not be found when reading file in R
Recently, while reading the file, the following problem occurred
> Passenger = read. CSV (‘ international – the airline – passengers. CSV, sep = ‘, ‘)
Error in File (file, “RT “) : Unable to open link
Warning Message:
In the file (file, “rt”) :
Unable to open file ‘international-Airline-passengers. CSV ‘: No such file or Directory

R can’t find the file.
File path, divided into absolute path and relative path, using absolute path is troublesome, usually use relative path, and relative path refers to, relative to the current working path.
Using the geTWd () function, you can get the current working path

Solution 1
Set the directory where the international-airline-travel.csv file is placed to the working directory
Solution 2
Copy the file international-airline-passengers. CSV to the current working directory

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