[Local Precompilation Error] do not set execute permissions for source files

1. Problem occurrence scenario

I created three new files under the project file. When submitting the code, I precompiled the script locally, and three errors occurred: do not set execute permissions for source files. Each file corresponds to one such error.

2. Understanding of error reporting

Do not set execute permissions for source files: do not set executable permissions for source files
understanding: you need to change the permission of the file to non-executable
for the understanding of file permissions, see how to understand file permission settings in this blog – 644 755 777, etc

3. Solution

1) On the console, after entering the file directory, enter
LS – L
to view the current permissions of the file. It is found that the file has “executable permissions”: X (generally 755)

2) Enter Chmod < File permission type, generally changed to 644><File name>

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