[Linux] curl: (7) failed to connect to port 1086: connection reused solution

problem description

enter curl www.baidu.com in the terminal to return the following error:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 1086: Connection union

baidu for a long time, found no one reliable, all is a repeat machine! Have a fart ~/. Curlrc! There is no ~/. Curlrc file under home!


enter export-p in the terminal, if you find ftp_proxy, http_proxy, https_proxy, then this solution is suitable for you!
continue input at the terminal:

export -n ftp_proxy
export -n http_proxy
export -n https_proxy

enter export -p again, if the above three things do not appear, it is ok!

the reason why these three things appear is probably because when you get on the Internet, you added these three lines in ~/. Bashrc , so remember to go to ~/. Bashrc and delete all the codes related to ftp_proxy, http_proxy, and https_proxy0, then it won’t appear again.

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