Kafka executes the script to create topic error: error org apache. kafka. common. errors. InvalidReplicationFactorException: Replicati


To test the integration of sparkstreaming and Kafka in the code, you need to create two topics in Kafka in advance, but the following errors are reported during the execution of the creation script

 kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper linux1:2181,linux2:2181,linux3:2181 --create --topic wufabao_topic01 --replication-factor 2 --partitions 3

WARNING: Due to limitations in metric names, topics with a period ('.') or underscore ('_') could collide. To avoid issues it is best to use either, but not both.
Error while executing topic command : Replication factor: 2 larger than available brokers: 0.
[2022-02-09 17:27:18,432] ERROR org.apache.kafka.common.errors.InvalidReplicationFactorException: Replication factor: 2 larger than available brokers: 0.


The path of metadata stored in zookeeper configured by Kafka is incorrect. The metadata path I configured in Kafka is:
zookeeper connect=linux1:2181,linux2:2181,linux3:2181/myKafka


Modify the path of Kafka metadata in the script as follows:
kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper linux1:2181,linux2:2181,linux3:2181/myKafka --create --topic wufabao_topic01 --replication-factor 2 --partitions 3
created successfully

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