ionic4- error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘rxjs-compat/Observable’

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Sets the interceptor error location

Set interceptor
Without further ado, While writing the interceptor file on the project, Sal had a problem with the introduction:

The Error in node_modules/RXJS observables. Which s (1, 2) : Error TS2307: always find module ‘RXJS – compat/Obserable’

An error location

is not clear about the difference between RXJS and ionicjs after ionic3 has been raised to ionic4, so after multi-party search, we found two relatively certain solutions:


    import 'rxjs-compat'


    import 'rxjs/Rx'

    2. Use command statements

    npm install rxjs@6 rxjs-compat@6 --save

    Upgrading RXJS V5.x to 6 will solve the problem.

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