Cannot find module ‘lodash’

The scenarios in which this problem occurs vary, but the solutions are basically the same. This article takes lodash module as an example

    if Cannot find module lodash appears after the pull code is run, usually someone else USES a plug-in lodash, but you do not have it in your local environment, you can directly go to the package. Json to check if there is lodash, if there is, that proves that you do not install the lodash, use CNPM install to install it. Json package.json not found, Cannot find module lodash, global search under the file lodash, if the file is not used, then delete node_module, re-use CNPM install can be installed; Json . Just ask the relevant person to submit it, and then refer to step 1. Json, node_module package-lock. Use NPM cache clean --force to clear the cache. Then use NPM install to install.

Json copy a copy of packing-lock-. jsoncopy a copy of packing-lock. jsoncopy a copy of packing-lock. json copy a copy of packing-lock-. (Of course, if the file is u update status, then don't bother, check the update content, and then submit it)

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