Import any QT binding error during installation of evo

Installation Evo appears error:Failed to import any qt binding

We need to evaluate the trajectory accuracy of UAV. We can refer to the process given in GitHub for installation by using Evo tool. I chose to install it from the source file. During the test, there was error error:Failed to Import any QT binding error. This is caused by the installation of Matplotlib Library in different versions of Python. Because I want to use ROS, ROS was initially installed in the environment of python2. Here, continue to install this library in python2. First, uninstall Matplotlib and then install it again.

pip uninstall matplotlib
pip install matplotlib

After the installation is completed, the test now, there will be errors in the title, you need to run this command again in the source folder to install again.

pip install --editable . --upgrade --no-binary evo

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