Idea pop-up window out of memory, modify the parameters and start the no response solution

Today, in the process of development, suddenly idea pop-up prompt out of memory, I changed the parameters on the pop-up, click shutdown, and then I couldn’t start it.

I see that many people on the Internet say that they want to delete the idea folder under the user, but once this is deleted, all the settings of the idea may have to be redone.

Finally, it is found that the changed parameters are in Disk C/user /. Idea (different versions have different folder names)/idea.exe.vmoptions. Just replace this file with idea installation directory/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions.

If you start with idea64.exe, this configuration file is called idea64.exe.vmoptions. This file may be in Disk C/user /. Idea, or Disk C/user /. Idea/config. You can replace it with a file of the same name in the installation directory/bin.

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