Hzero – if the local swagger fails to register, the connection timeout or gateway error will be displayed

This blog is only for the hzero platform. You can row away what you haven’t heard of!!

connect timed out; nested exception is java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out

  This is the root of evil!!

Test in swagger:

{“requestStatus”:”UNKNOWN_ GATEWAY_ Error “,” requestcode “:” error. Unknowngatewayerror “,” requestmessage “:” connection timed out:/ “,” detailsmessage “:” unknown error occurred in the service, please try again later “}

The reason for the error is that the IP address is not configured in the configuration file. Note that if it is connected to the company’s VPN, it needs to be modified to the address on the VPN


If the error is still reported, there is also the problem of routing configuration

  The data in the red box needs and


The names in the are consistent

According to the above two bugs, you should be able to fix the problem that you can’t register swagger

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