How to solve the Mapi error of outbook that can’t send mail directly

Recently, when I upgraded from office2010 to 2013, I found that the right file could not be sent to the email. Meanwhile, in word document, it could not be sent to the email as an attachment.
Mapi Failure – “Unspecified Error”, meaning Mapi Error: The cause is Unspecified.

Through research, find an article:

The solution:
HKEY_Current_User> Software> Microsoft> Office> 15.0 & gt; Outlook> Preferences> MaximumAttachmentSize
Change the value 0 to another value, such as 5000, to indicate that an attachment of 5M size can be sent. Of course, you can also make it bigger, like 50000m, 50m!

All right, problem solved!

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