How to Solve RemoveError: setuptools is a dependency of conda and cannot be removed from conda

conda remove c> create : conda create : conda create : conda remove : conda create :

RemoveError: ‘setuptools’ is a dependency of Conda and cannot be removed from Conda

I checked a bunch of blogs and they all suggested updating Conda.
conda update --force-reinstall conda
The problem came again. After the command was entered, the process kept spinning in circles, and the terminal did not show any idea of updating. Angry dead an !!!!
I fat tiger not letter can not treat you!!
enter the command: gedit. Condarc
the HTTPS instead of HTTP from the original image of the source can be updated again
I will be the original. Condarc file to the following form, for reference only.

ssl_verify: true
show_channel_urls: true

conda update --force-reinstall conda Be able to normal use after
conda remove or conda create command

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