How to modify TeamViewer ID

TeamViewer will be deemed commercial and not available if used frequently. The account of this software is bound to the MAC address of the device.
You can start again after you change the TeamViewer ID. The following method can successfully modify the TeamViewer ID.
Close the TeamViewer;
Start & gt; Run, type % AppData %, delete TeamViewer folder;
Start & gt; Run, type regedit;
Delete TeamViewer under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\;
Start & gt; Control Panel> System & gt; Hardware & gt; Device Manager>; Network adapter>; Wired/wireless network card;
Right-click>; Property & gt; Senior & gt; The Network Address.
Optionally enter a 12 digit number in the numeric field. Restart your computer and you will notice that your TeamViewer ID has changed. Success!

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