How to Fix Tomcat Error: Failed to destroy end point associated with ProtocolHandler[ajp-nio-8009]

Foreground summary: The maven repository that we installed is by default in the M2/Repository on disk C, but Windows users have their operating systems installed on disk C, so it is dangerous to put the Maven repository on disk C, so we need to modify the local repository path. Today the framework of the maven dependent libraries to replace the download address and the location of the store, because before use is a website, download or update the configuration file is particularly slow, is really can’t stand to replace more ali cloud with maven repositories, feel the speed suddenly increased n level, of course, the error is also my errors after running Tomcat after change.

Problem: Because I changed the location of the Maven repository’s Settings.xml, the configuration environment was inconsistent with the default environment variables, causing Tomcat to run incorrectly.
Solutions:1. Open MyEclipse and click Windows-& GT; preferences-> maven-> Add a Maven that has been installed in the D:\Java directory, as: D:\Java\ Maven-3.0.4, and check the attached item. And click the browse button below to open Maven’s global configuration file, such as D:\Java\ Maven-3.0.4 \conf\ fine.xml. (Skip this step if it is already installed)
2. Open MyEclipse and click Windows-& GT; preferences-> maven-> Under User Setting, change the User Setting option to D:\Java\m2\ Repository \ Settings. XML, and click Update Settings. And click the reIndex button below to update the index.
3. Click the Apply button in the configuration window to highlight the configuration window.
4. Finally, open CMD and execute MVN help: System. You will find that all the JARS Maven downloads from the remote library will be placed in the newly modified path D:\Java\m2\ Repository.

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