How to Fix the printer error 0x00000709 on Windows

If there is a name problem with the printer, please check the printer name and the error number is 0x00000709. If there is this problem, the solution is as follows. Look down:

Step 1: first, open the control panel to find the user account, click open to find the credential manager, find the management windows credentials in the credential manager, click open, select the windows credentials after clicking, and then add the windows credentials. Then fill in according to the prompt. The first line writes the IP address of the printer, and the second line writes the user name of the computer login, The third line is to fill in the password of the computer user. If you don’t have a password, you don’t have to fill in it. After filling in it, click OK,

You think this is OK. How is it possible?It’s not that simple. The first step is above, and the second step is next. Another problem. After the first step is completed, you will be prompted when you add a printer. Windows cannot connect to the printer, and the error number is 0x0000007c. Next, look down:

Step 2: still open the control panel, find the program, and you will see an uninstall program. Click on it to find and view the installed updates. Click on it, and you will see the program in the following picture. Right-click to uninstall the program. Several uninstall only the programs beginning with KB500 in brackets, and then restart the computer to add a printer Do you think it’s very simple? If you only complete the first step, it can’t be solved. The solution to the problem of printer name is to turn one problem into another,

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