How to Fix Common Arcpy Error

1. Error: arcgisscripting.ExecuteError : ERROR 000539: Invalid field one_1


This problem occurs if the field referenced in the python expression does not exist or is misspelled.


Change the name of the field in the expression to the correct name.


2. Catch exception

try :
     arcpy.Union_analysis (inFeatures, outFeatures, "ALL")
 except arcpy.ExecuteError:


3. Syntax error: cannot assign to literal


Change to condition = '"change" = 0'


4. Error: object: create object layer invalid data source

This is arcpy.mapping.Layer Interface error:

    Check whether the file corresponding to the address passed into the interface exists. (if it is in the file geographic database, the extension does not include. SHP).
      1. Note that in the process of spelling address, /and \, do not mix. Generally, \

    is used


1. Python gets the file names of all specified suffixes in the specified directory

os.path.splitext():Separate filename and extension
os.path.splitext(file)[0] gets the file name
os.path.splitext(file)[1] get file extension

2. Python template string

from string import Template

  hi,%{name}this is a ${test}
t = Template(query)
query = t.substitute({'name': 'Newber', 'test':'Test'})

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