How to Fix pandas.errors.ParserError Error tokenizing data C error Buffer overflow caught

When wrapped pandas, pd. Read_csv (r. ‘\ data \ data. The CSV, encoding = “utf-8”, the header = None,)
Error message: pandas. Errors. ParserError: Error tokenizing data. C Error: Buffer overflow caught – possible malformed input file.
I read some blog posts saying that adding the parameter error_bad_lines=False
but I tried and failed
I read another blog that it may be caused by modifying the suffix name of the file, I did change the suffix name of.xlsx to.cvs
, so you can change the suffix name back to.xlsx, use pd.read_excel() function to
or you can use excl to build a table, copy the data over, and then you save is to save to.csv file
And then there’s the coding problem, which you’ll see in my previous posts

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