Pandas Read csv Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 18 fields in line 173315, saw 20

 Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 18 fields in line 173315, saw 20

The content of this line is

b55421db8f2f7f9610e7dfc08bcc76e5	Sales consultant listed company with high salary and high commission - 719 \N 1 10000 5000 20190314 20190413 0 -1 null College \N \N Job duties: 1. independent and high quality to complete the reception of visiting customers, to introduce courses and related services, and lead to registration; 2. patient, detailed answers to customer questions of the consultation 3.Explore the potential needs of customers and make accurate recommendations for the courses; 4.Work with the team to complete sales tasks according to the sales target set by the company; 5.Work with other departments to complete the work. Requirements: 1. Good customer service consciousness, good self-motivation; 2. Strong learning ability, active and positive, team spirit; 3. Quick thinking, fast reaction, standard Mandarin; 4. Sales experience is preferred. Benefits: 1. perfect social insurance (five insurance and one gold); 3. position promotion���� clear: course consultant - reserve principal - principal - regional director; 4. training: professional vocational skills training + personalized career promotion guidance; 5. open office environment of the Internet company. ☆ This is a team belonging to young people, this is the platform for you to play, this is your wonderful! Looking forward to growing with you!

Pandas can’t parse
although this line of data can be changed to the correct form after processing, there are 4000 + lines of data with different problems.

Using error_ bad_ Lines = false to solve the problem and ignore the disordered lines

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