GoogleIO 2013 Android fast networking framework Volley introduction

Recently, I investigated the Android development framework, looked at XUtils, KjFramework and other frameworks of HTTP modules, I think it is too simple, but simply encapsulate HttpUrlConnenction and Handler, added a callback function, I feel it is better than to write a little bit. Later I found Volley, a relatively reliable Android network request framework, and used it.
Volley is the network communication library on the Android platform, making network communication faster, simpler, and more robust.
is the origin of Volley’s name: a burst or emission of many things or a large amount at once
in Google IO’s speech, the picture is a picture of firing arrows, which is similar to meteor.

in fact, from this picture, we can also see that Volley is particularly suitable for scenarios with small amounts of data but heavy communication.

GoogleIO2013 Android Quick Networking Framework Volley

 Features offered by Volley

Asynchronous download of JSON, images, etc..
Sorting of network requests (scheduling)
Prioritization of network requests
Multi-level cancellation requests
Linkage to Activity and Lifecycle (simultaneous cancellation of all network requests at the end of Activity)


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