Git Push Error: Proxy CONNECT aborted [How to Solve]

Git push origin XXX error proxy connect aborted

Let’s first analyze the problem. The error prompt is obvious. The proxy connection is aborted. What causes it
at the beginning, without saying a word, baidu directly. After various operations, cancel the agent, set the agent, cancel again, and try again?It’s useless. It still reports an error, but the initial timeout error has become proxy connect aborted
it’s hard for me. I’ve been working all day. When it’s time to submit, give me the whole deal?Is this the law that problems must happen before work. Hey, I can’t continue the whole process. I’ve seen various methods on the Internet. The original solution is as follows:

It turns out that there is no separate proxy configured for GIT. Configure proxy for git:
git config — global http.proxy‘ ’
git config –global https.proxy ‘ socks:// ’

However, I’m sorry, it’s no use. It’s still wrong. But this operation reminds me that I haven’t checked the GIT configuration of my own project.


Next is the moment to witness miracles

    1. first open the file where your project is located.

    1. of course, if you can’t see it after opening the project, don’t panic. Open the folder where your project is located, and then click the view – Show – hide project above. Of course, this is win11. The old version is almost the same.

      1. then let’s go to the. Git folder, open the config configuration file, delete the proxy address, push again, and finish the work.

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