ffmpeg:error while loading shared libraries: libopenh264.so.5

Problem Description:
in the Ubuntu 10.04 system, we want to use ffmpeg for face cutting, but there is a title error. I can’t generate the corresponding version number by inputting ffmpeg – version. After Google[ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62213783/ffmpeg-error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libopenh264-so-5 ]It turned out to be too new

I use the name of CONDA virtual environment, which is houyw. If houyw appears below, it is my virtual name.

(1) I’ll take a chance according to the instructions given by the boss

sudo ln -s ~/anaconda3/lib/libopenh264.so  ~/anaconda3/envs/houyw/lib/libopen264.so.5

As a result, there is no libopenh264. So in my ~/anaconda3/lib directory. So there is an error that the file does not exist

(2) At this time, I found that although there is no ~/anaconda3/lib directory, there is ~/anaconda3/envs/houyw/lib directory.. So I had a whim and tried to use libopenh264. So under ~/anaconda3/envs/houyw/lib (delete libopenh264. So. 5 first).

cd ~/anaconda3/envs/houyw/lib
rm -rf libopenh264.so.5
sudo ln -s libopenh264.so libopenh264.so.5

(3) Finished, input ffmpeg – version to display the version number correctly
(4) Summary: if libopenh264.so exists in ~/anaconda3/lib, use method 1, if not, use method 2. Finally, I hope everyone can solve this problem perfectly!!!

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