Error 2738. Could not access VBScript run time for custom action.

This error literally means that the VBScript runtime cannot be accessed. This error is common during the installation or uninstallation of various applications under Windows.
The installation/uninstallation of some applications USES VBScript as a procedure script, and the operation of VBScript depends on its runtime environment.
The solution is simple:
1. Make sure you have vbscript.DLL on your machine.
If so, skip this step. If not, you can make a copy from another Windows system that has the same version installed.
For 64-bit Windows, vbscript.dll appears in two paths, namely:
What’s missing, what’s missing.
2. Manually register vbscript.DLL components in the console using the regSVR32 command.
After entering, a window will pop up saying “DllRegisterServer has succeeded in vbscript.dll”, indicating that the registration was successful.
Basically, at this point, this error will be resolved.
Similarly, Error 2739 (meaning that the JavaScript runtime cannot be accessed, which corresponds to a jscript.dll file) can also be handled in this way.
There are also articles on the web where the solution is to start with a registry, to look up a particular registry key and include some risky actions such as deletion. The personal understanding is to determine whether the relevant components have been registered correctly. For general users, the individual does not recommend this approach, may not solve the problem, but also introduce other troubles.
It is important to note that many applications to install/uninstall program when encounter this problem, only gives an error code, or add a such as “internal error”, make people confused about the prefix, it is the mistake of Windows, but to mislead the user thought is to install/uninstall the program itself.

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