E / Art: failed sending reply to debugger: a solution to broken pipe

E/art: Failed remote reply to debugger: Broken pipe solution

explanation error:


what is E/ART?

ART is </ strong> A ndroid – [R not Ť IME. This is the Android phones bytecode interpreter. E just means the ERROR record level. </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ p>

what is the send reply debugger?

debugging on Android phones is using adb (Android debugging bridge). Adb processes run on your development computer (your laptop or PC), and daemons run on Android devices (that is, emulators or phones).

what is a broken pipe?

Your development machine and Android device communicate like a client server. corrupt pipe indicates that the communication has become invalid. For example, the client (Android device) is trying to send a reply to the server (adb process running on the development machine), but the server has closed the socket.

how to repair </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ h3>
First make sure your application builds

by performing cleanup/rebuild
Then, if you are running an application using USB debugging on a real phone, you can usually solve the problem by unplugging the USB cable and re-inserting it to re-establish the client/server connection.

If this doesn’t work, you can disconnect the USB cable (stop the emulator if necessary) and close Android Studio. This is usually enough to block the ADB process. Then, when you open Android Studio again, it will restart and re-establish the connection.

if this does not work, you can try to use the instructions to manually stop the adb server in this problem. For example, you could try to open a command prompt or terminal, then go to the SDK/platform-tools directory and type:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

*The daemon is not running; tcp:5037 is now started.
*Successful start of the daemon

When this appears.

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