During the development of vue, v-for reported an error [vue/require-v-for-key] Elements in iteration expect to have’v-bind:key’ directives.

I used the VS Code tool, installed the vetur plug-in, and the error was reported as follows



[eslint-plugin-vue] [vue/require-v-for-key] Elements in iteration expect to have’v-bind:key’ directives.eslint-plugin-vue

In the Vue version, when using v-for in a component, the key is necessary.



In File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Enter in the search box: vetur.validation.template-“Find vetur.validation.template: true-“

Reset vetur.validation.template: true to false in the right frame and it is ok.

If there is no code for this game, add a sentence: “vetur.validation.template”: false

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