Deployment project error: Oracle 11g ora-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor

As the data is read from the other party’s view, due to the confidentiality requirement of Party A, the listener.ora file said on the Internet cannot be modified. After checking the original URL = JDBC: Oracle: Thin: @ SSDB
The url to
JDBC: oracle: thin: the username/password @// name
The pro test will be successful.
Note the difference between oracle SID and service name selection here:
The error indicates that the SID is not found because the view provided by Party A is logged in as the service name and the configuration file is SID logged in.
The SID is internal and is a name for the instance to be used internally. The service name is external and is a database-level name that tells outsiders what the database is called.

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